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Here you will find a range of offers including talks, workshops, reviews and other options, along with prices and booking arrangements. But first, the wordcloud here summarises what people say about the days I run, based on an analysis of 1700 evaluation forms (or click here for more comments).

Topics addressed

Whilst I am always up for new challenges and feel that I am always learning, there are some topics where I have some expertise. These include the following. Some cells have a hotlink, shown in red font, so please click on these for more information.

Topics for health and social care agencies

Reducing risk averse cultures through team action – CAIRO

Self neglect and poor personal hygiene Social Inclusion – a stocktake to find out how your team is doing

Promoting independence and inclusion in tight financial times

Managing professional boundaries when work and personal life overlaps Strategies for supporting individuals to build connections Developing effective monitoring systems

Review of service quality and effectiveness

Social inclusion skills – helping people get a life beyond the service How to support groups in moving from staff-run to self-run Are our different definitions of ‘person-centred’ generating conflict?

Review of how you are involving people who use service in teaching, research and governance

Decision making systems that genuinely share power with people using services

Sharpening up supported employment How mental health services can respond well to people with autism or learning disabilities Community mapping and capacity building – helping communities welcome everyone

Topics for church

Christian churches and how they can relate to their communities Christians praying together – maximising potential Group discussions on the Bible – new approaches Flawed brilliance – Biblical examples of leadership

What I can do

  • give a talk. For an example, see a long lecture given in Tel Aviv in December 2016  here. Alternatively, you can listen to a work-related half-hour talk with powerpoint slides here, or listen to one of the church talks here.
  • facilitate a meeting to build a shared vision (for an example, click here to see the graphics from a PATH developed by about 100 people)
  • help with decision-making, negotiation and problem solving;
  • deliver training;
  • carry out a service review; or
  • offer consultancy and organisational development support.

My focus is always on improving life opportunities for ordinary people.


What do you need?Price
A day as NDTi AssociateNDTi day rate is £750 plus expenses and VAT
A day for Peter Bates Asociates£400 plus expenses
A day for Patient and Public Involvement£330 plus expenses
University teachingCasual lecturer rate plus expenses
Small community groups and churchesExpenses only

Practical arrangements

I will:

  • Confirm our arrangements with a Work Agreement form
  • Travel to you. Where practical, I use the train (standard class ticket) and a taxi at each end of the journey. If this is impractical, then I drive.
  • Bring any worksheets that we will use and send you a pdf copy of the powerpoint slides that you see during the day for your own non-commerical use.
  • Bring my own laptop and if necessary, data projector.
  • Bring a audio recorder for use during any relevant interviews, but only use it with permission from the people being interviewed.

Please would you:

  • Organise room space for meetings and bring people together.
    If we are using PATH or another large graphic format, you will need to go and look at the room to check that it can accommodate the poster, and that the owners of the space are willing for it to be fixed to the wall with masking tape. Memory is unreliable – you do actually need to visit the space and ask!
    If the event is a workshop, set out the room in ‘coffee bar’ style, with people gathered in groups around tables for group discussion within sight of a screen so that they can also view a powerpoint slide show.
    Provide flipchart paper and pens on the tables, so that people can record their discussions. You may wish to collate and write up this work after the event.


Click to see the company’s approach to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, Health and Safety, the Environment, Modern Slavery and Quality Assurance, along with our Data Protection policy, data flow map and Privacy Notice.

Other clients

Click here to see a list of some of the organisations and projects that I have worked on.