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Fyn Fyn Tin Dem

On this page you will see photographs of some of the hand made products that have been created by the Magnificent Seven (M7). This is a group of polio survivors living in Freetown, Sierra Leone, who have decided that they will buck the trend and refuse to become beggars. Instead, they will create their own businesses, handcrafting bespoke items for sale in Sierra Leone and elsewhere. For anyone who needs a lesson in Krio, these things (dem tin) are very fine (fyn fyn). You can also see their Facebook page here.

These are part-time businesses, as most members of the Magnificent Seven are also studying at Foureh Bay College, which is part of the University of Sierra Leone. As the electricity supply is unreliable and foot treadle sewing machines are not practical for polio survivors, these products are handmade.

People living in the UK or elsewhere need to wait until someone can bring the products back, since there is not a reliable postal system in Freetown. So just get in touch to place your order. Don’t forget that every penny goes to the Magnificent Seven!

There is more information about our link with Sierra Leone here.