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Linking academics and communities

I have been working on Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) in various organisations since 2011. Current projects that I am involved with include:

‘How To’ Guides

​I have compiled a series of ‘How To’ guides that help people navigate the sometimes complex journey from agreeing with a general principle of involvement to actually making it happen in practice. The full suite of almost thirty guides can be found here​​.

Practical resources

Support for a number of East Midlands organisations to enable them to move forward on the public involvement agenda by creating and collecting an archive of practical resources.

Service review

Reviews for academic departments that consider how far the public involvement agenda has influenced their teaching, research and governance. An example of a completed review can be seen here, and a flyer for university staff advertising the review service that I offer is here.

These reviews are informed by various benchmarking approaches such as the Engage Watermark, 4Pi, PatientsIncluded, PEQGGRIPP2., and the National Standards for Public Involvement in Research.

Research studies

Over the years, I have worked on a number of funded research projects with a total value of £5m. The completed studies can be seen here, and current projects are:

  • Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (£1,252,000)- led by Professor Richard Morris
  • Forensic care for inpatients aged 55+ – led by Chris Griffiths
  • Recollect-2 on Recovery Colleges – led by Dr Claire Henderson and Prof Mike Slade..