Recent additions

March 2017

  • The policy on Rights, relationships and professional boundaries written for Altrum with Sam Smith is now available in my Library.

February 2017

  • A discussion paper on how people using services and carers might be appropriately involved in projects funded by the commercial sector has been uploaded on the Linking Academics and Communities page.

January 2017 

  • The Recollect research project has been launched to investigate the effectiveness of Recovery Colleges. See it on the ‘Linking Academics and Communities’ page.


  • A ‘How To’ paper has been created on how to involve patients and the public in conducting qualitative research interviews. See it on the ‘Linking Academics and Communities’ page.
  • A whole array of resources on involving people in nurse education has been created – see the tab on the side bar.
  • The protocol for a research study on employment support for people with forensic histories has been published and added to my library.
  • A project has been started on the Right To Privacy and can be seen in the Garden Shed.
  • A discussion paper on Duty of Care in advocacy services has been started. Contact me for details.
  • Early findings from the long stay forensic research study have been added here.
  • Resources related to the smoking ban in locked facilities have been added here.
  • I have begun work as an assessor for the Advocacy Quality Performance Mark. See the paragraph on ‘Linking disabled people and communities’.
  • A new guide called How to choose between digital stories and live presentations has been added to the page called Linking Academics and Communities.
  • A suite of pages describing the Inclusion Web have been added – see the final entry on the sidebar.
  • Company policies on health and safety, environmental sustainability and quality assurance have been added to the Saleroom.


  • A new guide, How to identify your skills for involvement is available here or on the page called Linking academics and communities, along with another called How to review the extent of public involvement in your research study here. Also, a Quotation bank on UK Government statements on involvement has been added to the library.​
  • After some time offline due to a back office upgrade, this website has been updated and refreshed.
  • Both new and old sermons have been added to the Linking Churches and Communities page, so you can listen to talks on authority (Mark 14), contradictions (John 13), self discipline (Ephesians 5) and task finishing (Phil 1)
  • I have written some new How To papers, which can be found on the Linking Academics and Communities page. In particular, see new resources on involving members of the public as co-applicants and co-authors alongside academics, the legal obligations placed on statutory organisations and how to reach out to seldom heard groups.
  • A new paper was added to the Library page, discussing whether a blanket ban on the use of Facebook is justifiable.
  • See 35 stories of locked rehabilitation units striving for excellence in their service provision – follow the links on the ‘linking disabled people and communities’ page.


  • Listen to a radio interview with Ian Morris, talking about his move to Sierra Leone – it is on the Sierra Leone page.
  • A series of ‘How To’ papers were added to the page on linking researchers and communities.
  • A reflection of Robert Lupton’s 2011 book ‘Toxic Charity’ was added to the Library page.
  • An archive of audio files containing church talks from previous years has been uploaded to the ‘linking church and community’ page.
  • Book chapter just published on leadership in learning disability services. See the details in my library.
  • Just published – an analysis of the motivations that people think should shape arrangements for paying people for their involvement in research. Details in my library.
  •  Over 200 people have downloaded my 2013 paper Exploring Boundary Attitude. You can see it here.
  •  Over 2,000 people have visited this website to look at Vile Bodies.
  • My book-length report called Vile Bodies on the neglect of personal hygiene is now available for download from the section on self neglect in the Subject Index or here.


  • A guide to engaging experts by experience as associate lecturers is now available here.
  • A new paper reporting on the values that people think should drive a payments system for participation in research has been uploaded. See it in the last but one bullet point of the section on money here.
  • The Green Light Toolkit 2013 was launched by the Department of Health today. You can see it here as the last item in the section on Comorbidity.
  • A new framework for thinking about how the bad news of financial cuts might be reframed as good news as the challenges of austerity are harnessed to bring about improvements is now available here in the section on Austerity.
  • I have been taking a straw poll of how many staff have been recruited to their current post by a panel that includes someone using the service or a family carer. The results can be seen here in the section called Organisational and Individual Competencies, first bullet point.
  • The Reasonably Adjusted? Good Practice Database has been launched (since discontinued by Public Health England).
  • A new section on measurement is available here.
  • A new section on Organisational and Individual Competencies is available here that includes resources on staff competencies that promote inclusion and an organisation audit tool.
  • Formal notification arrived to say that the paper on subtle support published by Tizard Learning Disability Review last autumn had won an award. Congratulations to all my fellow authors for a job well done! You can see the paper here.
  • I uploaded an old paper from 2002 that examined how person-centred planning can be evaluated. As more recent work has been done on this subject, it is of limited value, but may be of historic interest, and some elements will have endured the test of time. You can find it in the section headed Person-Centred and Community Focused here.
  • I added a new section on Friendship to the Subject Index here.
  • The section on Money in the Subject Index here now includes a technical archive paper.
  • The section on Inclusion here now includes a piece called Thinking Clearly which sets out some of the concepts that I have found helpful in working out the different aspects and implications of an inclusive approach.
  • Over 1,000 people have visited this website since it was launched – thanks to everyone for your interest!