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Local policies and procedures that support effective involvement

This page offers access to examples of local policies and procedures that organisations have been willing to share. They are not in any particular order:

  • This toolkit was developed at Coventry University for use by service users, carers and staff. It contains many useful resources.
  • The University of Sunderland have produced a service user and carer handbook here and a parallel staff handbook on Patient, Carer and Public Involvement here.
  • Groundrules for service users and carers to observe in meetings. In some organisations, people take turns to read out their groundrules at the start of each meeting.  ​
  • Some universities have developed a strategy document and action plan for strengthening service user and carer involvement in nurse education. For example, at the University of Southampton, the strategy was co-authored by their Experts By Experience group. The University of Essex has developed a Service User Engagement Ethos and Keele has a strategy.
  • Wider policy documents should also include references to service user and carer involvement, and this has happened at the University of Lincoln.
  • To get a sense of history, strategies have been developed since the early 200s.


  • This strategy document at Southampton was co-written by members of the Experts by Experience group
  • At the University of Central Lancashire the Business Plan was co-written with service users.
  • At the University of Lincoln, programme handbooks include reference to service user and carer involvement.
  • A role description for lay advisers to medical training was developed by Wessex. While it relates to doctors rather than nurses, it provides a helpful reference point.
  • The strategy developed by the Open University is here.