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Green Light – further resources

This page contains links to a variety of other resources that I have found. None of them have been scrutinised in detail or come with any particular approval, so please make your own judgement.

  • Sue Bridges has written about her experience of using the Green Light Toolkit here.
  • Do easy-read materials work? See here.
  • The Alzheimer’s Society have published some new advice about how to make reasonable adjustments so that Arts organisations and Cinemas become accessible. I wonder how many of these things would be helpful for a wider group of people?
  • A CBT computer game has been adapted for people with learning disabilities here.
  • A Trauma-informed Toolkit for working with people with intellectual disabilities is here.
  • New guidance on care for those with co-occurring mental health and substance misuse issues is available here. On page 30 it says, As well as mental health and alcohol/drug/tobacco use conditions, high numbers of people in the health and justice systems have complex physical health needs and vulnerabilities that are not routinely identified. Those with learning disabilities, autistic spectrum disorders or ADHD and other vulnerabilities need to be identified and provided with supported access to appropriate services. We might inquire if anyone is doing this.
  • If your focus is mental health wards and how they support inpatients with learning disabilities, there are loads of resources on the Marvellous website.
  • Newton Abbott library has an embedded Speech and Language Therapist supporting people to build personalised communication passports. The same library building also hosts a service hub for people with learning disabilities. Research on community hubs is reported here. Have other learning disability or autism services moved their access point out into mainstream community facilities?
  • This Australian report from 2011 reviewed over 400 people with mental health issues in addition to a learning disability who had become involved with the criminal justice system.
  • A new resource to help people with a learning disability to participate in reviews of the psychotropic medication is here.