Striving for excellence in locked rehabilitation services

The ‘Striving for Excellence’ stories described below have arisen from members of the ‘Striving for Excellence’ programme and NDTi has not independently verified what we have been told. Some are radical and ambitious approaches that transform the way that things are done, while others consist of small steps that may not seem especially exciting to other readers, but make a difference to one person. Some readers might even question whether progress is being made at all! The overall purpose is to stimulate reflection and celebration for every step forward, whether large or small. Why not download the questions here to help you reflect on one of the stories below:

Getting to know the person

  • Respond to ambitions here
  • Support carers here
  • Write letters home here
  • Write in the first person here
  • Write a biography here
  • Co-design the Spectrum Star outcomes measure here
  • Individualised behaviour rating scale here
  • Consult people here

Design and architecture

  • Individual apartments here
  • Personalised apartment here
  • Personalise my bathroom here
  • Decor and furnishings in communal areas here
  • Perimeter security here

Staff role and development

  • Choose staff here
  • Team around the person here
  • Staff in role as a patient for a day here
  • Explore diversity here

Therapeutic environment

  • Get used to new things here
  • Create a DBT culture here
  • Share therapeutic meals here
  • Design the therapeutic programme here
  • Spend time alone on the unit here
  • Collaborate on risk management here

Valued roles

  • Accredited education on site here
  • Volunteer onsite here
  • Get a paid job in the service here
  • Access the internet here
  • Take decisions together here
  • Attend the Board here

A life in the community

  • Map the community here
  • Build a positive reputation in the local community here
  • Build capacity in mainstream health services here
  • Walk the dog here
  • Go to college here
  • Live in two homes here
  • Host a course on Christianity here

You can also see these stories on the NDTi website – click here.